You Are My King - by Mei Chen

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Mei Chen 1:51 AM
By Mei Chen

You Are My King

My king, my love
You are my mighty man 
The wellspring of wisdom
The key of knowledge 
The doorway of glory
The pathway of deliverance 

My king, my soul
You are the king with a crown
I am your priceless decorating jewel
You are the hot and bright sun in the sky
I am your light-rays shining down the earth
You are the vast and blue sky
I am your white cloud floating in your embracing arms

My king, my mate
In your oceanic chest, I find my rest
You are my huge, high and dependable mountain
I am your meandering green stream
You are my firm and strong body
I am your rib bone to help you breath

You are my man, 
My soul, my lord
My king of kings