Dream - by Mei Chen

quanhe    08/20     5621    

Mei Chen 9:35 PM
By Mei Chen


I have dreamed to be a leader for change
I have dreamed to be a businesswoman to share wealth
I have dreamed to be a doctor to find way to cure diseases

I have dreamed to be a poet with master works
I have dreamed to be a spirited and exuberant dancer
I have dreamed to be a photographer to take the stunning shots

I have dreamed and dreamed…
And crossed the Pacific Ocean to chase my dream
Now I still have a dream
However, I dream for my beautiful motherland
I dream for the towering mountains 
I dream for the surging Yangtze river
I dream for the turning and twisting Great Wall

I dream for the meandering mountain stream
I dream for the hometown trees and flowers
I dream for my house gurgling well

I dream for my dear old father 
I dream for my caring sisters
I dream for the neighborhood hot rice noodles

I dream and dream…